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Common Insects and Animals That Are Venomous to Dogs

Common Insects and Animals That Are Venomous to Dogs

Understanding Venomous Animals and Insects to Dogs

Our homes and environments are shared by numerous animals, some we choose to live with and some who come in uninvited. Snakes, spiders and various insects are loved, enjoyed and studied by a few, but most people find them a nuisance or just downright creepy. To make things worse, a few of these critters are even venomous. In addition to causing injury and illness in people, these creatures can also sting or bite our dogs.

The most common venomous animals are bees, wasps, vipers, coral snakes, scorpions, black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders. All can result in illness, some even serious or fatal without treatment.

Venomous Animals That Bite or Sting Dogs

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